Client: Peter Pepper

iBooth is an innovative enclosure designed for today’s mobileworld of interactive devices, where connection is ‘everywhere’, but privacy is limited.

Offering both sound dampening and privacy while maintaining visibility to the surrounding space, iBooth is easily placed in collaborative and common areas, connecting corridors, lobbies, and public and private space for anyone on the go.

iBooth is available to mount on the wall in any direction, or freestanding with steel base. The shell is finished in fabrics, and the work surface is laminate. An optional electric (USB) module is available. For stand up working or use with the companion Stackr Stool.



Client: Peter Pepper

The Stackr is an elegant stool for use with the iBooth or other stand up tables and work surfaces. The sleek cantilever design gives a flexible sitting experience, while also making it easy to stack or hang on table tops when not in use. The molded plywood seat is available in natural or stained wood veneers or upholstered.  Tubular steel base in white powder coat or chrome finish.



Client: Martela

PodWork offers several options for short-term working in an activity based office. Two different versions are available: one with more closed screens in order to provide added privacy and one with more open screens for more open communication. In addition the module walls can be built into one continuos shape creating niches for both privacy and collaboration.

Table tops come in two sizes and with optional electrical height adjustment.Together with other Pod products the PodWork creates a harmonius solution for the entire office. Various upholstery materials can be used to add character to the space.


PodSeat & PodSofa

Client: Martela

PodSeat and the PodSofa are innovative solutions for the modern activity-based office. The "window" is one of the key features that makes these compact units feel roomy and spacious; the opening is at a comfortable height serving as an extended armrest.

The PodSeat has a swivel base which allows users to choose their focus, to either turn away for privacy or to turn towards other people for conversation. The PodSofa can easily create small cabin like rooms if placed opposite to eachother and all units come with optional swing-out tabletop for more functionality.



Client: Martela

The PodMeeting is an extension for PodSeat and PodSofa with a purpose to offer a well-matched meeting place in activity based office without having to build up actual rooms. Together with PodSeat and PodSofa this option creates a flexible product family offering semi-private seating as well as a place for ad-hoc meetings.

PodMeeting offers in addition to a fixed full size table and screen various accessories such as built-in electrical outlet and a very handy detachable magnetic whiteboard for scribbles and notes.




With the Ramo table series we wanted to create an airy, strong and elegant look with great care and attention to the details. The generous dimensions, soft rounded and sloped table edge is welcoming and invites to comfortable meetings and dinners. Ramo comes in 3 standard sizes.

Ramo X is the complimentary sculptural pillar base for round table tops with the same elegance and care of wood. Ramo X comes in different heights and tops in different sizes to work well in both homes, cafés, restaurants and offices.



Client: Lappset

Rosenhill is an outdoor bench for parks and urban areas. The design is built on a simple and straight-forward idea of using tubular steel in a clever and constructive way using as few parts as possible.

The bench is mounted to hidden anchors under the ground and comes with a very durable wood treatment developed by Lappset.



Client: Lappset

Metro is an elegant outdoor bench for parks and urban areas. The sides, that also makes the armrests and legs, are in solid 8 mm laser-cut sheet metal building a very strong structure yet with slender visual appearance.

Metro is mounted with anchors below ground and comes with wood seat and back treated with a very durable long-life lacquer finish developed by Lappset.


Diagonal Play

Client: Martela

Diagonal Play is an extension of the original Diagonal concept.

Diagonal Play consists of four bench elements that can be placed as desired. These bench elements are ideal for corridors, and other areas where a limited amount of space is available. Each element consists of two separate parts, which can be upholstered in different fabrics. Also one of the parts can be ordered slightly higher than the others enabling short term laptop work.



Client: Martela

Diagonal is an innovative combination of sofa and space divider for public indoor spaces. It was designed to meet the needs of modern offices and waiting areas demanding flexibility and privacy.

Diagonal consists of two basic elements: a padded seat and a screen that can be placed as desired in the diagonal grooves. Although there are only two elements, they can be combined in almost endless ways. By using as a single module or combining several of the elements, Diagonal becomes a relaxed setting for small meetings, a private corner for important phone calls or a stylish lobby landscape. 



Client: Peter Pepper

Oasis organic design derives from the fantastic shapes created in the sand on a windy day. It is as much an inspiring sculpture as an inviting functional seat. Being a multi-sided seat, seating up to 8-10 people, it becomes a natural centerpiece and meeting-point for both interaction and contemplation. Oasis can be used indoor and outdoor, either solo or in numbers to create intresting compositions for meeting-points and waiting areas. 

Being made out of vacuum formed ABS plastic cap sheet over recycled utility base the bench is 100% recyclable, UV/weather proof, fire retardant and very tough against damage and heavy usage.



Client: Blå Station

The story of Dent chair started with the idea of trying to achieve the impossible: to mould a double-curved 3D surface out of regular veneer.

We have had many years’ experience of designing chairs using traditional plywood moulding techniques, always trying to extend the boundaries of what is possible without “cheating” by using expensive 3D veneer. With Dent we decided to be even bolder, by taking a step beyond where we have already been.

Despite its rough appearance, Dent is a comfortable multi-purpose chair - and it will grow into a family of individuals with various finishes and leg bases.




With the Nesso table series, we started off with the classic archetypal wooden table with corner legs and the goal of minimizing the material without sacrificing stability. We wanted to create a series of tables that expresses lightness and elegance, that with few and well thought out parts and joints is both stable and durable despite its minimalist expression.

Nesso comes in different heights and sizes and will be able to fit into almost any environ- ment; from canteens and schools to offices and restaurants. Nesso can be easily linked together using the built-in fitting if you want to create longer tables or other fixed table formations.



Client: de Nord

Silenci was born from the idea to refine the classical stackable wooden chair and make it into a light, modern and competitive product with added functions and comfort.

Silenci brings together two materials in a sensational combo: Solid wood frame and a polyurethane back! The soft and flexible rubber-like back gives comfort and together with an acoustic sound absorbing casette hidden under the seat, noise are reduced to accomodate public areas like schools, canteens, restaurants and bars. The Silenci family includes both a chair, barstool and a table with various bases.




Swave is all about extreme comfort. The design takes fully advantage of what's possible when pushing plywood-molding to the limit. Because of the advanced molded back, Swave is a very ergonomic chair with good comfort and a great lumbar support.

With a thin 8 mm shell and two different stackable bases, plus the companion of a barstool, the Swave family is both light and functional, which makes it suitable for most domestic and public spaces.



Client: IKEA

The energy-saving Induction-heated stove tops are dramatically increasing in the world, so the tools for cooking are also in for a change. One major new change with induction heat is that all pots and pans need to be made with a magnetic metal bottom in order to work and produce heat.

Magnifik is a pot-stand in durable safegrip-heat resistant silicone with 5 embedded neodyme magnets. It protects your tabletops from hot pots and pans and give a sturdy, solid and safe placement on any tabletop. It can be vertically stored on most stove-fronts or fridge-doors.



Client: Mitab

The idea with Risto was to develop an exclusive and comfortable but affordable chair for offices, conferencing and dining, utilizing Mitab's automated metal production line and their skillful craftmanship in upholstery. Risto is built around a slim but solid steel-tube frame with a smoothly curved molded plywood seat - and a back that has been dressed with a fitted and high-tensioned mesh for extraordinary support and comfort for longer sitting.

A big effort has been put into the design of the upholstery which comes with tailored washable velcro-attached fabric-covers for seat and back as standard.



Client: Plycollection

Zesty came to life as a super light and well balanced chair bringing the best out of molded plywood: With a minimum of material and a maximum of strength, comfort and style.

Zesty is assembled by 3 parts only and weighs as little as 2,9 kg (6,4 lb). It has passed the standardized EN1728 and ANSI/BIFMA strength and durability tests required for public furniture in the EU and USA.

Zesty stacks safely and effective up to 10 chairs without trolley and is available in birch, stained or lacquered versions, in walnut or European oak.



Client: Peter Pepper

Beautifully crafted with cast aluminum ends and thin profile seat in extruded aluminium, Wing is ideal as a resting place in both indoor and outdoor environments. Seat options include a faux leather, interior or exterior wood finish and indoor upholstery options. 

Wing bench is now extended to also include a back version, with or without armrests.



Client: Dune NY

Queen/King size bed with head board in molded plywood. Hidden storage behind bolsters and platform in beech wood slat system.


IKEA PS Hinken

Client: IKEA

Acrylic plastic body with metal handle. Create your personal lampshade by filling it with stuff.

The original.



Concept only (2008)



Aero sofa derives from the idea to create a characteristic seat for waiting areas. The result is as much a functional seat as it is a sculpture; a play with inside/outside, volume and hollowness.


o4i Design Studio was founded in 2005 by MFA Senior Design Partners Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindström, who first met while studying at Konstfack University College of Arts Craft and Design in Stockholm, Sweden 1996. Over the coming years the duo collaborated in various furniture projects and their intensified collaboration urged them to ultimately start up their own design consultancy: o4i (Short for: office for ideas).

Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindström, the founders of o4i.

"We have a multidisciplinary approach to product design based on modern industrial parameters in the context of responsible mass production. We are driven by a curiosity for new technology, behaviours, materials and processes and find as much joy in exploring the possibilities of improvement within given strict limitations as we do in seeking the solutions that challenge what's expected. We believe in observation, conversation and collaboration. In the design process we believe 1 + 1 = 3."

The duo renders a solid experience through earlier studies and work in both furniture design, industrial design and architecture in Stockholm, Oslo and New York. Now being based in Stockholm, Sweden, the studio focuses on contemporary public and domestic furniture and develops unique concepts for an international market. Clients include IKEA, Blå Station, Gärsnäs, David Design, de Nord, Lappset, Lundbergs Möbler, Maze Interior, Mitab (Sweden), Fritz Hansen (Denmark), Martela (Finland), Plycollection (Latvia), EQ3 (Canada), Dune NY and Peter Pepper (USA).   


Their work has received several awards such as IDA International Design Awards 2007 (USA), Red Dot Award 2005 (Germany), Good Design Award 2005 (USA), I.D Magazine Destinction Award 2001 and 2005 (USA),  Exellent Swedish Design Award 2000 (Sweden), Forsnas Prize 1997 (Sweden) German Design Prize Nomenee 2006 (Germany) and a double ADEX Platinum Award 2007 (USA).